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Product modeling from knowledge, distributed computing and lifecycle perspectives: A literature review

Publication date: January 2017
Source:Computers in Industry, Volume 84
Author(s): Guolin Lyu, Xuening Chu, Deyi Xue
Compared with Computer Aided Design (CAD) to use computer graphics technologies to describe geometric information for the product design, many new methodologies and systems have been developed in the past decades in product modeling to extend the functions of the traditional CAD systems. In the product representation aspect, in addition to the design solution usually modeled by geometric descriptions, modeling of product knowledge has been widely investigated to describe the rationale for creation of the product solution. In the information technology aspect, in addition to the traditional computing tools such as computer programming languages and object oriented design, distributed computing technologies particularly Internet, web and cloud computing tools have been widely employed to implement product modeling systems. In the product development process aspect, in addition to the design solution, other product lifecycle aspects such as manufacturing, maintenance and service have been modeled and integrated into the same environment. In this literature review, the recent advances of research on product modeling in product representation, information technologies and product development process are investigated from these three new perspectives: knowledge, distributed computing, and product lifecycle. In addition, traditional methodologies and future challenges in computer-based product modeling are also discussed.