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The effects of the chief technology officer and firm and industry R&D intensity on organizational performance

Between 1993 and 2013 the number and power of CTOs increased; as indicated in the percentage of firms with CTOs, their increasing presence on boards, their compensation relative to their CEOs, and compensation relative to other highly compensated executives. Firms which pursue an aggressive technology strategy (powerful CTO, high R&D spending) in industries in which technology is a critical contingency have well above normal market adjusted returns while those which pursue that strategy in industries in which technology is not critical have well below normal returns. These results empirically confirm longstanding, untested assumptions in the field of technology management. Moreover, the effect of R&D expenditures on firm performance is contingent on the degree to which technology is a critical contingency in the industry and on the power of the firm’s CTO. These findings may explain the mixed results of past studies of the effects of R&D expenditure on firm performance. A model which integrates its own insights with those of earlier work on CTOs, R&D expenditures, firm strategy, and firm power dynamics is presented and supported.